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Class Room Conduct Students must be in proper dress code, including hair. Students must arrive to class, dressed and ready to begin class on time. Students must show respect for the Instructor and other students. Students must have a good attitude. COPY RIGHTS Please be aware there is a zero tolerance policy for all copy right infringements. All choreography belongs to DCC-PA. Students DO NOT own the rights for choreography. All DCC-PA choreography used or performed without permission will be addressed with the board. Choreography is not allowed to be professionally cleaned or rehearsed outside of DCC-PA. Costumes and hair must adhere to DCC-PA and choreographer's predetermined guidelines. TRAVELING AND COMPETITIONS Students must be organized and flexible, as plans often change. Students must listen to the designated DCC-PA authority and abide by cell phone/electronic rules. Students must be in DCC-PA traveling/competition dress code when not in costume. By typing my name below, I certify that I have read and fully understand the conditions and terms of this agreement as stated on the Code of Conduct.
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