2019 Convention

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If you are missing an item that you need, please text 817-601-5676 immediately.

Junior Packing List


  • Wear something comfy
  • PJs
  • Toiletries
  • Pillow/Blanket
  • Device & Charger/Book/Journal & Pen for Personal Downtime


  • Hair Donut
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray/Gel
  • Leotard & Tights
  • Leggings
  • Optional: Tank OR Crop Top
  • Shoes- Jazz, Tennis Shoes, Lyrical and Ballet
  • Socks to dance in
  • Any Braces and stretchbands you might need
  • Undergarments
  • Street Clothes
  • PJs


  • Hair Donut
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray/Gel
  • Leotard & Tights
  • Leggings OR Shorts
  • Hip Hop Pants/Joggers
  • Crop Top OR Tank Top
  • Shoes- Tap, Tennis Shoes, Ballet, Jazz & Lyrical
  • Socks to dance in
  • Any braces and stretchbands you might need
  • Undergarments


Mrs. Tamera, Jared Clark, Tammy Sparks, Jayce Day, Keil Baldia, Cheryl Baldia, Jenny Murray

House Rules

  • Students will follow the set bed time, wake time and assigned device schedule.
  • No students will have access to electronics overnight.
  • Electronics will only be allowed in common areas.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the convention hotel or house unless they are on the team bus with the assigned chaperone.
  • Students are required to be respectful of the property.
  • Bedroom doors will remain open unless it is bedtime.
  • No food will be allowed in bedrooms.
  • If you choose to bring your own snacks (in addition to snacks that are provided)- candy and junkfood is not permitted.
  • Good attitudes and kind words are all that is allowed! :)

Friday Drop Off at DCC-PA: 5:45

Sunday Pick up at DCC-PA: 5:30-6:00

House Schedule


5:45 Drop off at DCC-PA & Inspection
Dinner will be served prior to departure.
Dancers load DCC-PA bus with chaperone and travel to house
Team activities
Pack Dance Bags
10:00 Lights Out


6:00 Wake up and get dressed
6:30 Breakfast at the house
7:00 Load Bus
7:15 Departure
7:45-2:00 Convention at Hyatt Regency Dallas
2:00 Return to house
2:30- 4:30 Showers/Rest
4:30-5:15 Student Activities/Downtime
5:15 Dinner Prep
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Student Activity
9:00 Juniors get ready for bed/Pack ALL bags 9:30 Juniors lights out


6:00 Wake up and get dressed
6:30 Breakfast at the house
7:00 Load Bus
7:15 Departure
8-4:15 Convention
4:15-4:45 Load bus and head to DCC-PA
5:30-6:00 Parent pick up at DCC-PA

Junior Class Schedule

7:45 Faculty Introductions

8:00-9:00 Warm Up/Progressions- Brooke
9:00-9:45 Jazz Funk- Kevin
9:45-10:00 BREAK
10:00-10:45 Musical Theater- Kent
10:45-11:30 Contemporary- Alexa
11:30-12:15 LUNCH
12:15-1:15 Ballet- Caitlin
1:15-2:00 Jazz- Liz
2:00 Return to the House

8:00-8:45 Warm Up/Progressions- Kent
8:45-9:45 Auditions- Brooke
9:45-10:00 BREAK
10:00-10:45 Tap- Ryan
10:45-11:45 Hip Hop- David
11:45-12:30 LUNCH
12:30-1:15 Ballet- Caitlin
1:15-2:00 Jazz- Adrian
2:00-2:45 Contemporary- Karen
3:00-4:15 Scholarship Finally & Faculty Show

Room Assignments

Room 1

Hannah, Maddy, Jojo

Room 2

Mrs. Tamera

Room 3

Mackenzie, Sophie

Room 4

Chloe, Mrs Sparks, Avary

Room 5

Alyssa, Reagan, Tea, Rylie, Jonesy

Housing Address

1015 North Zang Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75208

Contact Info

Tamera 817-601-5676
Best method of contact: Text