Our Vision

Educators are innovators.


Dance Culture Center for Performing Arts is an arts educational school that uses dance to help students achieve success in all areas of life.  With subjects like Anatomy and Physiology for the Dancer, Nutrition, Storytelling, and Dance History, dancers are able to apply principles learned in the dance classroom to the academic classroom with fascinating outcomes.  The result is increased confidence and well-rounded children.  With dance clubs to encourage students' career goals in areas such as design, art, journalism, dance medicine, and more, our school community provides an atmosphere that makes learning fun.  

Our students are unlocking their creative potential and discovering that the possibilities are endless.  Faculty members are degreed/certified professionals who receive continued education not only in their field of study, but also educational principles. At Dance Culture we are committed to reaching each child to help him/her discover the next step.

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Tamera Clark

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